SUP Yoga
Margam Park SUP Polo

Another unique experience on the wonderfully picturesque pond at Margam Country Park - SUP Yoga!

SUP Polo is a cross between stand up paddleboarding, water polo and lacrosse played on inflatable SUP boards using specially designed paddles with a scoop in them. It is played on Margam Pond in a sectioned off area with inflatable goals and our experienced SUP Coach as acting referee!

Each team is made up of five players with games lasting six minutes each. It’s a short and fast, highly entertaining game as there is lots of falling in! The team who score the most goals win.  It may only be short but it’s very intensive and it’s not only fun, it’s a very good workout.

To be able to play you need to have some SUP experience, we recommend that you have at least one SUP Taster Session before you try it.  Being able to paddle, balance on the board and turn are all requirements before you can play the game.

Come along and enjoy this up-and-coming new sport as part of a team, or book one of our public sessions and meet like-minded individuals wanting to expand their paddleboarding.

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