Margam Park Go Karting

The stunning surroundings of Margam Country Park in South Wales make a perfect place for a Margam Park Go Karting safari adventure...

Margam Country Park has among its 850 acres numerous flat gravel and tarmac roads which are fantastic for exploring at your leisure. Our adventure centre is conveniently located in the visitor courtyard.

We’ve selected a great range of Go Karts for you to choose from, as well as some great accessories to help the whole family enjoy the area! We take great pride in looking after our hire fleet, and with an extensive range available, there’s a go kart to suit everyone!

Explore Go Kart Margam Park


No adventure is too great for this go kart! Inaccessible pathways and rough terrain are no problem for the sturdy off-road tyres.

With a heart set on adventure there’s no limit to the fun (and mud!) a child can get into. Fortunately this kart is equipped with mudguards to limit the splash factor.

Berg X-Cross Go Kart Margam Park


The X-Cross is the high-end pedal-powered kart of your dreams! Steer the wheel with just one finger, and navigate smoothly through difficult terrain with the swing axle construction.

Coaster brakes and a flywheel mechanism provide for smooth stopping as well as a coasting mode in which the pedals remain stationary. Once this kart has come to a complete stop, pedal backward to activate reverse gear! this is the ultimate ride your child will love.

Berg Safari Go Kart Margam Park


Quiet and impeccably camouflaged, just the ticket for a wildlife safari in Margam Park!

Large inflatable wheels are made for off-road environments, and the swing axle helps you steer even in the face of rough terrain. What will you spot on your Go Kart Safari?

Dino Dragster Go Kart


How long have you been dreaming about a real racing car?

Everyone will look at you in this cool Dino Kart Dragster; if they get the chance, because you will soon be tearing off again! Thanks to the pneumatic tyres and aerodynamic spoiler, you are guaranteed high speeds!

Jeep Revolution Go Kart Margam Park


It’s a new revolution with our Berg Revolution Go Kart.

Unparalleled quality with jeep’s stamp of approval for this off road demon, fitted with front spoiler for extra speed and control, back mudguard to prevent splatter and huge 40cm tyres for extreme off-roading in Margam Park.

Dino Family Go Kart Margam Park


This great fun packed Dino Family Train pedal go-kart has been designed and built so that whole family can have fun and exciting times together.

Have fun by sharing the pedalling in the back two seats while two small children can sit up front and enjoy the ride through Margam Park.